The Blogger 

cdde458f5b3fd1c7d3918561d62958ef6ea5693104ae8284f87c6014aa832423-1.0.pngRob. Thirtysomething. Midwestern. Black woman. Internet veteran who has traveled the world from Blogger to WordPress to Twitter to Instagram to find herself back in the realm of personal blogs (it’s quieter here). 

Fan of: writing, thoroughly-researched astrology, amateur Android photography, thoughtful conversations, cuss words, em dashes, music pre-2010 (with some exceptions), smutty audiobooks, history podcasts, brown liquor, the Miami Heat (pre- and post-L*br*n).

Not a Fan of: living in a crumbling empire, the proliferation of mis- and disinformation, stan culture, iPhone users who think green text bubbles are a me problem, humanitarianism that doesn’t give a shit about humans, dating, and — basically — the Internet in 2022. 

The Blog 

Across astrological traditions, the Third House of a chart represents the everyday, the mundane. Your neighborhood, the places you frequently visit, the mediums through which you communicate, and your daily correspondence. In the Indian tradition, the Third House represents art and the creative mind. I didn’t need astrology to tell me communication plays an important role in my journey; but “my third house life” describes what I’ve been doing since I started writing on the Internet in 2007.

A (sort of) daily correspondence with myself.

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