The Astro Syllabus

Over the years, as I’ve learned more about astrology, I’ve been asked “How did you learn all that?” I never know how to answer without sounding like a douche. Lol. But the truth is, it’s been ten years of pretty intense self-study; learning, un-learning, and re-learning various theories, techniques, and traditions.

From the outside looking in, it’s hard to think of astrology as dense or academic, but it’s as vast a field of study as history, philosophy, or science; with various schools, practices, and methodologies.

You have your Co-Star app, know your “chart” as a grid list of placements and think you know your stuff, then stumble into a conversation about Whole Sign vs. Placidus houses and if Scorpio is ruled by Mars or Pluto…

It can be a little overwhelming.

And, to make matters more confusing, when you Google astrology terms, you have to scroll through 3-4 search pages before you find articles authored by practicing astrologers.

A couple of years ago, I started (and never finished) a series of mini-tutorials with the aim of helping people becoming better consumers of astrology. I get that not everyone wants to spend their Saturdays watching four-hour YouTube videos about 2,000-year old predictive techniques, but I figured I could provide beginners and laypeople information based in well-researched, academic astrology instead of the all woo and vibes stuff of [some] Twitter threads and Instagram memes.

Because I suck at video production and am not a *great* teacher…that idea fell through.


What I can do is point you toward the right information.

So, true to this blog’s name, I’m going to gather and disseminate some solidly-sourced astrological information and collect it into guides. Like mini-syllabi, if you will. This will help the curious, who see my astro references and may want to know what the hell I’m talking about and help me answer the question “How did you learn that?”


Rising Sign 100: A Re-Introduction

With this list of resources, I want to show you:

  • why you should embrace the rising sign as the “you” in your chart.
  • how reading horoscopes for your rising sign brings astrology down to earth—better describing the events of your day-to-day life.
  • how to understand the pure energy of the signs, beyond how they’re influenced by the sun.