Freestyle Friday

I deleted my two audio posts. Recording them was fun—and I’ll play around with that medium going forward—but I’ve resolved the issues I whined about.(1)

I’m accepting my contradictions. Not doing the Libra thing of finding the ideal space between them. Resolution sponsored by several tidbits I’ve read over the last few days with this one at the center:

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Show Me Your Work

There’s making a decision. Then there’s explaining a decision.

My decision to stop dating, to dismiss the idea of love and romance in my life? A sound decision. One I’ve circled since my last relationship ended in 2016. And maybe before that, when my boss (full disclosure: I am an executive assistant) gave me a “thank you for putting up with my shit” speech right before he gave me a $2,000 bonus and I remembered every time I’d heard a similar sentiment with no tangible reward at the end.

Either way, it’s 2022. I’ve workshopped this theory for six years. There isn’t a possibility or corner that I haven’t considered.

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