If You Like(d the old) Instagram… Try VSCO.

Okay, so. We agree the Internet (and social media, specifically) is pretty awful.

Everything is look at me, let me sell you on…, and LOUD. Not to mention addictive—and as previously mentioned—woefully uncool.

Because I do not believe in complaint without action, and I imagine some of you are like me, looking for better ways to be on the web, I’m starting a series about quieter, cooler corners of the Internet.

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Freestyle Friday

I’m making peace with Instagram. Since unfollowing 98% of the celebs/influencers/content creators on my TL, time spent there is less…gross. I check on friends. Post once or twice a week. Then I’m out.

My Tumblr page? VIBES. Ya girl lives for a well-curated Internet space(1).

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