Freestyle Friday

I’m on a mission to get over myself.

Now, this exercise—recording my mundane thoughts for the Internet—isn’t exactly conducive to my mission, but 1-2 blog posts per week feel like the sweet spot.

I’ve been appalled by my internet posts of late. I know we live in a world that is perfectly comfortable with sharing every high and low, with no regard for how scattered or manic we look. We bond over our anxieties and make them part of our personalities(1), entering a feedback loop of emotional waves that rock us to and ‘fro.

That…is not how I want to use the Internet.

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Don’t Hide the Madness

When it comes to art,
it’s important
not to hide the madness.


I came across the quote while making a moodboard on Pinterest. Because, yes. That is a thing I did this weekend.

It’s one of a few silly, “out of character” internet habits that I’m temporarily re-thinking because (due to heavy-handed meddling from the stars) I’m slowly…slowly accepting my “character” as a construction. As the old one breaks down, I’m allowed to build a new one.

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