And the Living is Easy

Summer begins and I go inward.

It’s the Sun in Cancer, the 12th house in my chart, aka the sign right before my rising.

The 12th is a “dark house,” meaning it represents an aspect of life you don’t always have a direct line of sight to. As a Leo Rising (and therefore ruled by the Sun), the Sun in the 12th is an especially quiet time for me. I sometimes forget that as everyone lauds the beginning of summer.

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Y’all Respect the One Who Got Shot

A few months ago I tried to write a post about an argument I had with my BFF.

Now when I say “argument,” I don’t mean a “fight,” but one of the many intellectual sparring matches we have under the influence of too much whiskey. If communications is our love language, debates are our sex.


This particular argument started when she told me that our (extremely talented and amazing) IG influencer friend wanted me to shoot with her, knowing I’ll say “no.” She specializes in the beat-faced/glamour shot thing and that’s not my vibe. Additionally, I loathe posing for photos.

But, as my BFF pointed out, that loathing doesn’t include self-portraits.

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