Possessed by the Muse

Okay. So.

The good news: I am on a writing tear.

The bad news: it’s to the detriment of literally everything else in my life, including my two blogs.

All this time I’ve been whining and petitioning (the universe, my muse, my sense of discipline? Idk. I’ve been begging somebody) for the words to return, I forgot how demanding The Muse can be when she arrives.

Cooking meals? Exercise? A stop on my evening commute for anything but popping open SimpleNote to fix that nagging paragraph? Returning texts? Answering phone calls?

We no do none of that.

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Sunday Seen & Heard 5.22.22

On Sunday mornings, I try to get up early and post up in a neighborhood coffee shop for writing practice. I read a chapter of Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life and spend 10 uninterrupted minutes capturing my surroundings.

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