A Quick Note

  • Site updates! I upgraded things around here because the ads were getting egregious. Now it’s just mythirdhouselife.com.
  • There’s a new About Me page that’s a little more friendly to newcomers. It’s a slight change in strategy from expecting my folks to stop here between IG scrolls to making this space more approachable for the WordPress audience.
  • Wednesday’s post is already scheduled. Insert muscle-flexing emoji here.
  • I’m thinking about making a site logo. Thinking about it.

Third House Goals

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

New goal for the year: weekly posts on this blog.

I’m still getting back into the rhythm of personal blogging. With so many places to say things, it’s hard to determine what needs to be said where (and honestly, what needs to be publicly said at all), but I issued a clarion call at the beginning of COVID for all the OG Bloggers to return to their blog spaces and I’ve only lived up to that half-way.

It’s just easier to say things on Instagram. My people are there. I’ll get maximum exposure there. Yet, it never stops feeling icky. I love chatting with my folks. I hate doing it on an app full of meme-speak, highly-stylized photos for the banalest of occasions, and a bunch of adults needing the internet to give them permission to do simple shit like take naps and say “no” to things.

Also, as my Instagram feed is teeming with photos of Sebastian Stan, how the hell am I supposed to focus long enough to say anything worth saying over there?

I belong here.

In my house. Growing this space. Getting back into the rhythm of consistent, thoughtful self-expression.

So my promise to myself (and the eight of you following me) is this: I’ll show up every Wednesday. Maybe by next Wednesday, I’ll have a cool name for it and everything.