Rising Sign 100: A Re-Introduction

Learn about your sign. Your real sign.

You knew when I proposed my astro syllabus project, I’d start here.

Everyone who plays around with astrology in 2022 is familiar with what’s known as their “Big Three,” their Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. They are, indeed, the big jokers of modern astrology and reveal a lot about our personalities, emotional needs, and paradoxes—as anyone with their Big Three in one element (“Ugh. I’m all air!) or with placements in conflicting elements (Fire Rising, water Moon here) will tell you.

I find that of the Big Three, the Rising seems easiest to dismiss. When we talk of our Big Three, we list the Rising last. “But, that’s just my Rising,” people say, as if this aspect of their natal chart is irrelevant to their day-to-day existence.

The truth is quite the opposite: the Rising sign is the most relevant to your daily life, whether or not you resonate or identify with it.

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Coming Soon…

Over the years, as I’ve learned more about astrology, I’ve been asked “How did you learn all that?” I never know how to answer without sounding like a douche. Lol. But the truth is, it’s been ten years of pretty intense self-study; learning, un-learning, and re-learning various theories, techniques, and traditions.

From the outside looking in, it’s hard to think of astrology as dense or academic, but it’s as vast a field of study as history, philosophy, or science; with various schools, practices, and methodologies.

You have your Co-Star app, know your “chart” as a grid list of placements and think you know your stuff, then stumble into a conversation about Whole Sign vs. Placidus houses and if Scorpio is ruled by Mars or Pluto…

It can be a little overwhelming.

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Freestyle Friday

I deleted my two audio posts. Recording them was fun—and I’ll play around with that medium going forward—but I’ve resolved the issues I whined about.(1)

I’m accepting my contradictions. Not doing the Libra thing of finding the ideal space between them. Resolution sponsored by several tidbits I’ve read over the last few days with this one at the center:

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