The Kibbe Update

I’m about a season into my Kibbe styling experiment and you know what? I’m having a good time.

Shocking shit, I know. Me, having fun with clothes. But with my new understanding of fabric, flow, fit, and silhouette, I’ve added some pieces to my wardrobe that almost have me back to “everything goes with everything, throw it on and go” levels of efficiency.

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Obsessed: The Kibbe System

I called this section of the blog “amusements,” which was a huge miss on my part. Once I’m ready to write on a topic, I’ve passed “amusement” and am in the throes of obsession. Deep diving, swimming in an epic nerd out, and literally cannot talk or think about anything else. 

Going forward, we’ll call this section “Obsessed.” I loathe hyperbole as the internet’s first language, but no other word describes me in full nerd mode.

That bit of throat-clearing out of the way, let’s get into my latest obsession.

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