The Leo Must Learn…

Leo refers to the development of ego, not its transcendence. And sitting in the lotus position is no help there. The Lion must accept the essential absurdity of ego, then revel in it, let ego flow unselfconsciously into the world. He must wear a plaid shirt with purple pants and walk down the street whistling ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’ And if people stare, he must whistle louder.

To perform for the world is to trust it. The unquestioning trust of life is Leo’s holy grail.

Forrest, Steven. The Inner Sky: The Dynamic New Astrology for Everyone.

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The Kibbe Update

I’m about a season into my Kibbe styling experiment and you know what? I’m having a good time.

Shocking shit, I know. Me, having fun with clothes. But with my new understanding of fabric, flow, fit, and silhouette, I’ve added some pieces to my wardrobe that almost have me back to “everything goes with everything, throw it on and go” levels of efficiency.

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