Hot D, Indeed.

I usually save my House of the Dragon thoughts for the What I’m Into section on “Freestyle Friday” but 1×04 “King of the Narrow Sea” requires some space, because….

I want no parts of the SEO smoke associated with the acts that took place in this episode so I will not tell you the plot. Here’s a link from a soul far braver than I describing the events…

Click at your own risk, dawg.

Okay, so.

I’ve read the books. Knew Uncle Daemon & Niece Rhaenyra would be a thing. Also, as someone who came to ASOIAF because “Holy, shit. This is a soap opera with dragons,” I’m here for mess. Targaryen in-breeding mess included.

And STILL. Thank Rh’llor I had a glass of wine for last night’s episode.

Whew, buddy. They went there.

With a little liquid courage to aid me on the journey, I was along for the topsy-turvy, Not Great IRL That This is How a Young Woman Discovers Sex but Good for Her Taking Her Pleasure into Her Own Hands, Also These People are Made Up ride.

And shouts to Dad Viserys being like “Sure. You totally didn’t do the are you out of your gotdamned mind sex thing. I won’t disinherit you, but take this Plan B anyway.”

More fun than the episode—which for the fourth consecutive week, left me free basing recap podcasts at 11:00 PM on a Sunday—is the cascade of pearl-clutching about the, uh, enthusiasm among ASOIAF #Daemyra faithful for the wildly inappropriate pairing.(1)

Lots of “What the fuck is wrong with you people?! Don’t you realize…”

Which made me realize that these people must not know about Forbidden/Taboo Romance BookTok/Bookstagram/WordPress.

Like, uh. Yeah. People are into some shit in their fiction.

My personal line is somewhere between Wait, That Priest Did WHUT With the Holy Oil?!(2) and So These Characters Aren’t Blood Related, Right?, but mileage varies on the levels of “What the fuck” forbidden/taboo readers enjoy in stories.

I’ve had more than a few “Everyone involved should be jailed” moments while grinning, shaking my head, and turning—yet another—page on basically anything written by K. Webster.

Watching these sensibilities clash with the mainstream is…fascinating.

Also hilarious is George RR Martin being Bane to Batman with the taboo trope community.

“You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it.”

I don’t have a closing thesis on the matter. We’re only four episodes into Keeping Up with Targaryens and I know for a fact shit only gets wilder.

As for me and my home?


(1) I ship mess in nearly all its forms.

(2) Also known as The Hottest Fucking Book I Have Ever Read.

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