Viva la Virgo!

“Viva la Virgo Season!” says the Leo Rising who has been — obnoxiously — up her own ass for the last year.

Seriously. You’ve been reading. If you haven’t, I’ve been in a quagmire about identity and self-image for the last 11 months.(1)

Virgo Season puts the Sun in my Second House of finances, livelihood, and possessions, where I also have Venus and Mars. Venus rules my Third House (where I’ve focused most of my attention this year) and I went hard on the Venusian. See my style experiments and curating online spaces.

With Mars ruling the year ahead, it’s time to shake shit up and get shit done.

My next birthday (in October) kicks off a challenging year that brings home, family, work, routines and health to the forefront. So, I’m using the next few weeks as practice run for getting my shit together in three key areas.


My spending spree began in 2020. I was Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding and opened a checking account for wedding expenses. The problem: this account was linked to my savings. And those harmless little transfers…

Well. They added up.

My first orders of Virgo season: closing said checking account, rebuilding my savings, and curbing my wild ass spending.

Luckily, September is a three-paycheck month and, because I’ve been a very good girl with bills this summer, I don’t have to pay my car note again until late October. Re-examining my expenses for the month, I found $1,000 for my savings account.

Score one for ya girl.


Earlier this year, a private equity firm purchased my apartment complex and from the looks of things?

It’s giving slumlords looking to run out their tenants and renovate for coming gentrifiers.

I love my apartment. The direct sunlight. The hardwood floors. The gorgeous, walkable neighborhood. The less than $700/month rent.

Home, maybe?
To quote Carl Thomas: “It was love at first sight”

Do I want to leave? No. Should I prepare for the possibility? Unfortunately.

Insert heavy sigh.


The executive/assistant relationship is very much a marriage.

Let’s just say mine is experiencing the dreaded Seven Year Itch.

I could stand to communicate better and be more engaged. As a strict separator of church and state, that’s all I’ll say about the 9-5.

There are other areas for improvement over the next year. My relationship with my mother, stepping up my fitness routine, more cooking and eating at home. I’ll address those as I settle into the year.

Bring on the schedules and to-do lists, loser. We’re going full Virgo.


(1) Thank you, Third House Profection year, with Ruler of the Ascendant in the Third.

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a girl named rob

I used to be "skinny black girl." I'm now a slender woman on the other side of 35 with no new moniker who is not quite interested in writing under her given name. Still writing my life, a day (or some months) at a time. Also, still black.

4 thoughts on “Viva la Virgo!”

  1. Girl. You’re better than me. Although I’ve grown exponentially from Virgo moon transits influencing me to remove my nail polish, lipstick, and even my jewelry (and i NEVER take off my earrings) and only wear gray, I was so frazzled, this energy is still so clunky to me. I feel assaulted by the concept of being better than when Virgo arrives. It offends me, because as a Capricorn, I already know that. And as a Leo Rising, I already know that. 🤣

    Since I, like you, have a Virgo ruled 3rd house, I’m just working on being more comfortable where I’m already working hard. I am going to pursue a raise and position change. Luckily I have no planets in Virgo or in my third house. Virgo behaves like a spotlight on me much more than Leo. I like to think of the third house as passing whims, strangers etc. The idea of one of them trying to take root in my life is ridiculous.

    Good Luck!


    1. I can see that. With your Leo rising answering to a Sun in an earth sign, you’re like “I’ve got it. Don’t need notes. Thanks.” Having Leo Rising with an Air Sun, I get caught up in the idea of myself. Often to my detriment. Lol. Virgo season is a refreshing reminder of the world outside my head.

      Good to see you around here again!


      1. Oh I’ve been reading, it’s just for a while there I couldn’t sign in and it was just nerve racking, so I said I’ll just enjoy from the shadows…..superb writing by the way🌹

        I can also imagine having an easier feel for Virgo being an air sign because of mercury. All the options don’t really intimidate you, whereas I’m just confused!


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