Freestyle Friday

I’m making peace with Instagram. Since unfollowing 98% of the celebs/influencers/content creators on my TL, time spent there is less…gross. I check on friends. Post once or twice a week. Then I’m out.

My Tumblr page? VIBES. Ya girl lives for a well-curated Internet space(1).

Another internet relic I’m dusting off: Flickr. Apparently, deleting pics from your phone after you upload them to the cloud…deletes them in the cloud?

I needed compartmentalization. Photos for editing go to VSCO. Photos for keeping go to Flickr. Everything else? Deleted so I don’t look like a raging narcissist with 1000 selfies on her device.


I save storage space here by embedding photos from Flickr instead of uploading them to WP. Win/win.

From Flickr: A perfect day in Cleveland, OH.

If you notice a change of writing style here, credit Several short sentences about writing. I’m living with this quote:

The longer the sentence, the less it’s able to imply,
And writing by implication should be one of your goals.
Implication is almost non-existent in the prose that surrounds you,
The prose of law, science, business, journalism, and most academic fields.
It was nonexistent in the way you were taught to write.
That means you don’t know how to use one of the writer’s most important tools:
The ability to suggest more than the words seem to allow,
The ability to speak to the reader in silence.

I think…

My Kibbe journey is at its end?

I got what I needed: a guide to fabric, silhouettes, lines and how to build outfits for my body. I was into gamine style before I knew what style IDs were, so I see myself in my ID.


I realize once you know your body’s lines (are you frame dominant or curve dominant? are your limbs short or long in the context of the rest of your body, etc.) and how to play with silhouette, you can pretty much do what you want aesthetically.

The Kibbe community—while informative and fun—gets caught up in “dressing to type” to the point of forgetting people dress for their lives. Not street style photos or strangers in message boards. Or the imagination of some kooky white guy in New York you’ll never meet.

Here’s what I know:

  • Visual breaks between the top and bottom half of my body? Yes.
  • Structured pieces (slightly oversized button ups—because, boobs—blazers, straight legs jeans) flatter me more than flowy pieces.
  • I pull off “boyish” styles (less jewelry, oxford shoes).

I feel like this is enough to dress well for life. The one I live away from screens and Reddit boards.

So, thank you David Kibbe. When it comes fabric and silhouettes… you know your shit, sir.

I never would have paired a sweatshirt w/ a pencil skirt. Nor would I have learned how creating a boxy line at my waist accentuates my hips. I want to try it w/ a gray sweatshirt.

Future references to style IDs here will be Harriet McJimsey’s style categories (which pre-dates Kibbe’s work). Way more intuitive and flexible.

What I’m Into

HOT D! (aka House of the Dragon) When I tell you hearing Ramin Djawadi’s OG “Game of Thrones” theme was like heroin in my fucking veins?! ELATED to be back in Westeros. TARG INCEST! SLICK BARBS EXCHANGED IN COUNCIL MEETINGS! RHAENYS & CORLYS = #RELATIONSHIPGOALS!

I’m back to three-hour podcasts about ASOIAF lore like I never missed a beat.

Elyssa Aesthetics YouTube Channel. Really helped re-frame my thoughts on Yin Yang style methodology. Also: has the most thorough explanation of the Gamine style archetype on the Internet.


(1) My home space, tho? A well-lit cave. This is what happens when Venus rules your 3rd House and Mars rules your 4th.

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