Freestyle Friday

Today’s a two-fer.

I didn’t want to trivialize a tragic death by placing it next to my other random thoughts. That post deserved to breath on its own. But I have things to get off my chest this week, so. Treat for the four people reading this blog. You get more me.

Lately, I “journal” in a single Evernote document called “Diary” that I update everyday. Like a tweet thread. I treasure pen and paper—and love the aesthetic of my trusty composition notebook—but 90% of my clearest thoughts come at my desk. Whipping out a composition notebook in the office doesn’t necessarily scream “I’m working.”

But. Thanks to Bre Writes, I’m paranoid about the robots or Russians or our next billionaire narcissist erasing it all. So, thanks for that.

You know how the right words just find you at the right time? We like to think this will happen while we free-base content on our medium of choice. This happened to me the old-fashioned way: in a library.

After an aimless stroll through the aisles, I landed in the 800-block of the non-fiction section aka the literature and writing craft section(1) and picked up Several short sentences about writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg. In it, I found the following:

Is it possible to practice noticing?
I think so.
But I also think it requires a suspension of yearning
And a pause in the desire to be pouring something out of yourself.
Noticing is about letting yourself out into the world,
Rather than siphoning the world into you
In order to transmute it into words.

Practicing noticing will also help you learn more about patience
And the nature of your mind.
Noticing means thinking with all your senses.
It’s also an exercise in not writing.

Verlyn Klinkenborg.

Remember what I said earlier this week about knowing vs. intellect? Same thing.

Psychology Today decided men need a talking to.

As a veteran of the 2012 Black Blogosphere where writing about my preference for solitude got me labeled all manner of bitter, lonely, and single-as-a-pejorative, this article thrilled me. If this is the beginning of the “Be Your Best Self So You Don’t Die Alone” content industrial complex for hetero men, I’m here for it.

What I’m Into

As previously mentioned: the library. Picking up books based on covers and vibes instead of Instagram Stories. Sitting down and perusing 5-6 pages before making a choice. Why do I need my book reading to be “efficient?” I have all the time in the world for meandering.

I somehow picked the week Beyonce’s new album dropped to become obsessed with a three year-old Jonas Brothers’ song? This hasn’t interrupted my repeated listenings of “CHURCH GIRL” and “CUFF IT.” I just break to spin Sucker 5-10 times in between.

Tumblr. You heard me. I’m back on Tumblr. And you know what? I love it. Between whatever the hell Elon Musk is doing with Twitter and Instagram turning into TikTok, some elder millennials are flocking back to the original Hellsite. Right now I follow mostly tags and maybe two people? Love that scrolling experience for me.(2)

The Feds running up in He Who Shall Not Be Named’s crib. If nothing but the sheer joy of schadenfreude comes of it that’s enough for me.(3)

For the Cameras – an A Song of Ice and Fire fanfic. Imagine Jon Snow, modern ne’er do well actor who just wrapped a controversial final season of a medieval drama fake dating a charming ex-pop star turned unsigned singer/songwriter named Daenerys Targaryen to bolster his image. It’s a wonderful little slow burn and more charming than any published contemporary romance I’ve read since Kate Canterbary’s The Worst Guy.


(1) Did you you know my first job was as a library page? And I still know the Dewey Decimal system?

(2) And I know the powers that be allegedly scrubbed the NSFW content way back but um. I don’t think that’s being enforced. This is a hunch and has nothing to do with anything I’ve happened upon while scrolling. I wouldn’t dare venture into any seedy parts of the Internet. *clutches pearls*

(3) By “joy,” I mean “orgasmic delirium.”

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I used to be "skinny black girl." I'm now a slender woman on the other side of 35 with no new moniker who is not quite interested in writing under her given name. Still writing my life, a day (or some months) at a time. Also, still black.

One thought on “Freestyle Friday”

  1. Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend.
    I love reading but going to the library is overstimulating to me. It’s why I love the Libby app. I search for titles I want and if available digitally I borrow and read. In an act of randomness, my weekly trivia visual round was about library tools. have a go at it.

    My recent social media obsession has been Reddit. I enjoy the community aspect of it and there is a community for everything. I deleted the app last week since it was essentially taking up the time I spent on Twitter and not helping with weaning me off my device.

    I am definitely going to read that article to have a good laugh. My dating pool is a dry puddle and for the most part I’ve accepted that I may navigate the rest of my life as a spinster though far from lonely (they live longer anyway). It will be interesting to see how the other side feels about being single and lonely.


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