And the Living is Easy

Summer begins and I go inward.

It’s the Sun in Cancer, the 12th house in my chart, aka the sign right before my rising.

The 12th is a “dark house,” meaning it represents an aspect of life you don’t always have a direct line of sight to. As a Leo Rising (and therefore ruled by the Sun), the Sun in the 12th is an especially quiet time for me. I sometimes forget that as everyone lauds the beginning of summer.

But this year, I noticed it. I ended Gemini season exhausted with myself and the frantic, nearly manic drive to make stuff and be seen, and honestly with making stuff to be seen opposed to the joy of making.

I told myself I’d do less for Cancer season. Take it a day at a time. Be more present in my world and body. Try less.

I wasn’t surprised when I had no plans for the holiday and no desire to make any. I spent Sunday at the beach, ignoring the pesky voice in my head that shouted “Are you fucking crazy?! You’re bloated and putting on a bikini?” and listening to Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (which is fucking fantastic).(1)

Annnnd taking photos because we still love a good beach selfie, even when we feel like a whale.

If I’m making goals for the next three weeks (which I shouldn’t, because I just said I’d take it a day at a time), it would be more quiet, solo wandering. I’d like to exercise the more intuitive side of my creativity through photo-taking (instead of writing), reacquaint myself with more of the city post-COVID, get back to consistent body movement, and be more mindful of what I take in via socials.(2)

Here’s to three-ish weeks of easy living.


(1) If you can get past some very cringe Boomer-aged man thoughts about women.

(2) “Garbage in, garbage out.” Word to Austin Kleon.

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a girl named rob

I used to be "skinny black girl." I'm now a slender woman on the other side of 35 with no new moniker who is not quite interested in writing under her given name. Still writing my life, a day (or some months) at a time. Also, still black.

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