The Importance of Your Rising Sign

The following video originally appeared on my Instagram feed. As I blog more, I’ll delve into more astrology content and this is a good place to start on my astro philosophy.

Your RISING SIGN is the most important SIGN in your natal chart.

Most of you won’t do lifelong astrology deep dives (much to my dismay), so you won’t get in the weeds with planets and houses. Fair enough. But if you’re going to engage with simple, “What’s My Sign” style astrology, you’ll want to center YOUR RISING SIGN. I explain why in the video below.

More on reading horoscopes for your RISING SIGN

From Mary Grace Garis at WELL+GOOD:

When you read for your rising sign, you’re reading for your very present, public-facing self, and the instantaneous things you might experience. It’s not that the sun sign interpretation won’t have some truth to it, or that your sun sign isn’t who you are. Rather, your sun sign is just a bit too broad to address the immediate goings-on in your life.

Why You Should Actually Use Your Rising Sign to Read Your Horoscope

Why I Ride HARD for Rising Signs

Because the Rising Sign represents the moment you were born, it brings astrology down to earth. The “you” in mind when we discuss the Sun is your essence or soul. Fine concepts, but they can be a little a vague. What is essence? What is a soul? Your Rising Sign represents your physical manifestation, the mind and body in which you experience the world. It’s tangible.

When you start thinking of astrology as happening in the world around you instead of relegating it simply to a question of identity, you might find it more interesting.

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