Baby-Faced Assassin: The Astrology of Steph Curry

I am obsessed with Steph Curry’s natal chart.

Here’s how my brain works: I’m watching a person or event and hear something that makes me wonder what their chart looks like.  After watching Steph’s brilliant NBA All-Star performance (which I happened to see in person), my curiosity was piqued.

And Steph’s chart is…gah. His career and work are so present in his placements. I can’t stop talking about how astrologically wonderful they are, so that’s what we’re doing this week. This post will show you how I look at charts and (hopefully) prove how in-depth and on-the-nose astrology can be.

Disclaimer: while this chart claims an AA Rodden rating (which means that the birth data was collected straight from a birth certificate), I’m only 90% confident in its validity. The chart tracks with Steph’s public life very well, though, so I’m working with the info as presented. 

Let’s start with some basics. Steph has his Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius, and a Leo Rising (an elite club, if I say so myself), but we’re looking at his career/work/public life, which shows up in other areas of the chart.Direct your attention to the spot I’ve circled in red. This is the Midheaven or the MC (which is short for a Latin term we won’t use here). It’s the highest point on the natal chart and describes our public life.

Steph has his MC in the sign of Aries. Not all athletes have it, BUT an Aries Midheaven screams “professional athlete” as Aries placements love to compete. That Aries Midheaven “answers to” the planet Mars. What does that mean? Well, if Aries is a house, Mars is its landlord, so Mars will tell us more about his public life.

Let’s look at the indigo circle below.

The shape at the top of the circle (the ring with the arrow poking out)? That’s Mars. Mars signifies war, literal Warriors (Steph plays for the Golden State Warriors), competition, and the like. Here’s where it gets fun: Mars is in Capricorn here, which is one of Mars’ favorite placements. In the sign of Capricorn, Mars’ fiery, impulsive energy becomes strategic and targeted. If we follow the symbol directly under Mars, we see that it’s within five degrees of the planet Neptune. Neptune blurs and dissolves boundaries, it’s also frequently associated with water. When we put it all together, we see a professional athlete (Aries Midheaven), who is known for a precise shot (Mars in Capricorn) that falls like water (Mars joined with Neptune).

Check out the next symbol, which is the planet Saturn. Among Saturn’s attributes are consistency and longevity. Just as Mars is the “lord” of the Aries house, Saturn is the “lord” of the Capricorn house, so it performs pretty well there. For instance, a professional basketball player with a Saturn influence on their Mars might hold the NBA’s record (consistency and longevity) for 3-point shots.

As you can see in the example above, the chart is divided into twelve parts, each part governed by a different sign of the zodiac. These parts are called “houses” and describe different areas of our life.

If we go back to the indigo circle above, we see that we’ve been looking at the 6th House of Steph’s chart, where all of his Capricorn planets reside. We find the following in the 6th: work (of the tedious variety, not so much our job titles), daily routines, and bodily injuries, among other things. So if we think about all these planets that tell us about Steph’s public life living in the 6th House, routines (like the 100 3-pointers Steph shoots during his practices) and injuries (a right ankle problem plagued the early years of his career) are also part of his public narrative.

We have a pretty thorough idea of how Steph’s astrology plays out in his public life and work, but there’s one more thing I want to look at before we go. Check out what I’ve circled in green.

This is the 10th House of Steph’s chart. In the 10th, we find our careers. As much as Steph’s Midheaven and its lord tell us about his public life, we find some information and context in his 10th, too. He has Taurus here — Taurus being a fixed sign is another indication of career longevity for him — and two planets associated with good fortune/good luck: Venus and Jupiter. Let’s zero in on Venus. It’s the planet of beauty, art, love, and aesthetics and is at home (therefore, powerful) in Taurus.

Venus in Steph’s career house underlines the aesthetically pleasing style of basketball we see in his Mars/Neptune placement. He’s also one of the most popular players in the league and a perennial All-Star. His boyish looks and easy smile (Venus) bely just how dangerous he is as a shooter (Mars), earning him the nickname “The Baby-Faced Assassin.” He’s even known to smile in an opponent’s face after sinking one of his impossibly smooth shots.

So, there we have it. An astrological analysis of Steph Curry’s public life. This was a fun chart to examine and a great example of how the astrology we’re most familiar with (Sun, Moon, and Rising) might not always be the loudest parts of our charts.

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2 thoughts on “Baby-Faced Assassin: The Astrology of Steph Curry”

  1. Love the not so subtle flex of seeing the game in person. Hope you had a ball.
    Also, a missed opportunity to include is ‘Splash Brother’ moniker after “falls like water” 😅.
    Always enjoy your writing.


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