Notes from the Weekend: 1.23.22

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After belatedly starting Jack Ryan on Amazon (a mortal sin for the daughter of a Tom Clancy-worshipping mother), I finally understand the John Krasinski hype. It’s not just the bulkier body, though let’s thank Venus and Mars for their combined work there, but he has that “unassuming boy next door who shockingly breaks your headboard” vibe that gets me every time. Oh. And the show is pretty good, too.

Saw The Tragedy of Macbeth in the theater. Loved. First of all, it’s gorgeous; black and white and shot to play up lines, shapes, and deep shadows. The austerity of it — especially on the big screen — is just *chef’s kiss*. Really appealed to my Venus sextile Saturn aesthetic sensibilities. And Denzel gives peak Denzel. Watching Macbeth spiral into madness, you can tell he had so much fun chewing on all those monologues and soliloquies.

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3 thoughts on “Notes from the Weekend: 1.23.22”

  1. Oh my God, oh my god….I drove up 271 in hella snow flurries last week to see the Tragedy in my favorite theatre. Hadn’t been in 2 years -it was snowy and stormy then too as now, but oh my God how worth it. I had the whole screen to myself, a gin and tonic, recliner, and a surprisingly great vegan brownie- but the film….literally every shot, every actor, every scene was exacting. It was a pleasure on every level…. Shakespeare’s a bad man.


    1. I, too, enjoyed it with a drink (whiskey neat for me). It was so beautiful. I found myself laughing out loud at times because you could tell Denzel was in his BAG. And I really enjoyed the Lady Mcduff scene (played brilliantly by Moses Ingram).


      1. I was going to say! When Lady Macduff cane on screen is when I really said to myself, oh this film is so well done. No extraneous space, and every piece, every actor a right fit. She was mesmerizing.


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