Aloha, Rob!

At 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, I will board a flight to Honolulu.

In the months since I booked my trip, I haven’t let myself get excited, which says something about how I live my life these days. But now that it’s less than 24 hours away and I’ve semi-quarantined for the last three weeks and my suitcase is packed and all my requisite Safe Travel paperwork is complete…

I’m excited.

Nervous about traveling for the first time since 2019, yes. Cautious about not being one of those tourist assholes who prioritize their fun over the health and safety of Hawaiian residents.

But, excited all the same.

For sun on my skin. For getting acclimated to how this almost 38-year-old body looks half-naked on a beach. For sunrises and sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. For the company of my favorite hippy, Magical Friend With the Magical Life, and a brief break from my rigid day-to-day.

And if I have a revelation or two watching the tide…

Even better.

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a girl named rob

I used to be "skinny black girl." I'm now a slender woman on the other side of 35 with no new moniker who is not quite interested in writing under her given name. Still writing my life, a day (or some months) at a time. Also, still black.

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