Housekeeping Vol. 1

In the Before Times, when I blogged under the old name, I created posts called “Skinny Bits”: collections of random mini-rants/thoughts about various topics. Going forward, these will be called “housekeeping.” Appropriate, since I’ll use them to clear the random clutter that collects in my brain on a semi-regular basis.


This week, it’s been a year since COVID locked down the world and my hard-earned “one day at a time” approach to life became an invaluable skill. A skill that doesn’t allow me to sum up the last year because technically, we’re still in it.


The longer I’m on the internet, the less compelled I feel to comment on every bit of news. I don’t think so highly of my opinion that I want to inject it into every happening. I’m merely a layperson; what I think doesn’t matter. If I have something valuable to add to a conversation, I will. Otherwise, I shut the fuck up. Too many people jump out loud and wrong because they think the world needs their take.


I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding. If you know me, you know that I must love the bride very much.

I will also retire from wedding parties, effective July 2021. For the rest of my loves who plan to wed Mr. or Mrs. Right, I will be front row in the audience, cheering loudly as you jump the broom. Emphasis on in the audience.


I’ve spent most of the new iteration of this blog apologizing for how astro-heavy it is. But you know, it’s astro-heavy because I’ve spent the last year alone in my house consuming astrological content. When I can safely enjoy life outside of my apartment again (come on, Ohio opening up the vaccine to everyone 16 and older as of March 29th), I’ll have more to talk about.

Until then…

That said, I’ve come to appreciate just how much of a language astrology is. And I speak a dialect that’s unfamiliar to most of my readers. I’ll be mindful of that as I continue to write here.

To help bridge the language barrier: I’ve posted my quick and dirty astro tutorial videos on this site (they were only available on my Instagram page, which is private). So far, I have quick explainers on the Rising Sign (and why it’s more important than your Sun) and a re-introduction to the zodiac, starting with the Fire Signs. Currently working on the Water Sign video. It’s kicking my ass, but I’d like to have it done in the next two weeks or so.


Note to self: when you talk about skin problems on the Internet, people will recommend products to you. You may find this overwhelming, as you are wary of the beauty industrial complex and just want clean, moisturized, non-inflamed skin without sacrificing a third of your paycheck. And much of Skincare Twitter sound like deranged cult members. But they’re only trying to be helpful; not recruit you into their Knights of the Holy Grail Product.

At least…I don’t think they are?

Anyway, wish me well on my journey out of extremely dry, sensitive, eczema-ridden skin. Just wish me well. I am up to my dry, flaky eyelids in product recommendations.


The basketball team I cheer for recently had to release a player for using a wildly anti-Semitic slur and the football quarterback I only casually followed but sort of liked is facing sexual assault allegations from several women, so I’m going to stop publicly liking things for a little while. Especially things involving men.


This Week, I’m Into…

  • Pac Div’s 2009 mixtape Church League Champions. The group recently released the blog-era classic on streaming sites and holy shit, does it hold up. The bass on a warm-ish sunny day is getting me hype for a vacced-up summer.
  • The Head On History podcast. Since Hamilton‘s release on Disney Plus last summer, I’ve been deep-diving into history podcasts. The latest is Head On History, hosted by Ali A. Olomi, that delves into Middle Eastern history. On top of having a mellifluous quality to his voice, Ali is engaging, charismatic, and brings ancient history to life with his personality. He’s moved the pod to Patreon, but has a 54-episode backlog available for free.
  • After the success of Wandavision, I am enjoying the return of weekly television programming. Binging is too much commitment for my COVID-addled brain. The once-a-week check-in is much more my speed. I’ve got two episodes of Mayans MC on deck for tonight and a Saturday morning coffee date with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


And that’s going to be a wrap on this week. Boy, do I feel lighter. Now my brain has more room for arranging spa appointments, pink balloons, and where to procure dick straws? (I hear this is very important to bachelorette gatherings).

Until next time.

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a girl named rob

I used to be "skinny black girl." I'm now a slender woman on the other side of 35 with no new moniker who is not quite interested in writing under her given name. Still writing my life, a day (or some months) at a time. Also, still black.

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